Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Hello, my crafty friends! Today I'm bringing you a quick tutorial on an embroidery hoop wreath. I also might just be listening to Christmas music ;)

Oh, the possibilities with embroidery hoop wreaths! Today, I'm bringing you a fun Christmas themed craft--but really you can change up the design and make one for any season!

On this week's Craft Live (be sure to like our Facebook page so you don't miss a live!), we made a fun placemat for Santa (blog post on that soon to come, I'll be sure to link it when it's up!), and an embroidery hoop wreath.

So easy, and so fun! Let's get started!

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Let's get Started!

Video Tutorial:

First, you will need to cut and weed your quote or design.

Next, with your heat press already heated to 310, press your fabric to make sure any moisture is taken out.

Place your design on your fabric. I put the inner circle around it to see if I liked the placement. This step isn't necessary, but if you don't have much wiggle room I would suggest this step just to make sure you don't have it too far off to one side. Remove the hoop and set aside.

Now, it's time to press! If your design is smaller than your press, you're set! Press for 10-15 seconds or until you can see the fibers of your fabric. Peel off the transfer tape and voila! Your design is pressed onto your fabric.

Next, place the inner hoop down and set your fabric over the top, centering your design. Now place the outer hoop over the inner hoop. If you're going to use floral wire to attach your greenery, leave the hoop loosened.

Flip your hoop over. Grab your hot gun and put a line of hot glue over a section, press your fabric into the hot glue. Be careful, don't burn yourself! Repeat this process until you've gone all the way around the inside of the hoop.

Trim around the edge of the hoop so your leftover fabric isn't visible. Your wreath is now ready to decorate!

Flip your wreathe back over. Let's make it pretty! Grab your floral or greenery picks and trim to fit. Use floral wire or your hot glue gun to attach. Once you're finished, add a bow at the top, or a ribbon to hang. If you left your hoop loose, be sure to tighten it.

You're set! You just made a super cute embroidery hoop wreath!

Freebie file

Happy Crafting!

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